Areas of Practice
Estate Planning

Your goal is to transmit your property to your heirs with the least possible expense and inconvenience.  We will be glad to discuss your circumstances with you, recommend an appropriate plan, and prepare the documents to make it a reality.  This could be as simple as a deed or an ordinary will, or as complex as a trust or private foundation.  When property passes, we are familiar with all aspects of trust administration and estate settlement.  If your plans include a charitable intent, we can draft tax-qualified foundations or assist with other arrangements for giving.
Elder Care

The challenges of aging can require additional assistance.  Often a simple power of attorney will allow members of a younger generation to act in support of an elder relative.  In more complex situations, we can help to arrange for the appointment of a conservator or guardian.  We prepare natural death declarations and health care powers of attorney.  We also assist persons entering nursing homes with Medicaid care applications, and division of assets and income.

 Real Estate

We can advise you on the matters you should consider as a seller or buyer of real estate, prepare sale contracts or installment contracts, solve real estate title problems, draw deeds and mortgages, and help you coordinate the activities of realtors, lenders, surveyors, appraisers and auctioneers.

We do not do bankruptcies, divorce, criminal defense or worker’s compensation, but in appropriate cases we can make referrals to attorneys who practice in these areas.  We are able to represent clients in most other types of civil litigation, and we are experienced at coordinating with other law firms when a case requires additional resources.  Our mediator offers a way to settle disputes without resorting to litigation.
Social Security

If you have been denied disability benefits, we can assist you with an appeal and hearings before the Administrative Judge.  We also are able to assist if benefits are terminated.
Business Entities

We can help you determine whether your enterprise would best function as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship, and we can draft the appropriate organizational documents.  We are accustomed to working with tax and financial advisors to help you organize for success.

Our firm has experience with major development projects.  We are widely acquainted with economic development and business planners in the area.  We represent a number of financial institutions.  Our goal is to help the entrepreneur decide upon and execute the right steps for a successful undertaking.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We prefer to help clients anticipate problems and avoid lawsuits, but the best-laid plans can go awry, and when the need arises, we’re capable of dealing with commercial litigation.  We also offer mediation of commercial disputes as an alternative to litigation.
Government Municipalities

We are experienced at the general representation of municipalities as city attorneys and municipal court prosecutors.  We have been involved in the planning and execution of state-of-the-art community development initiatives.  Our firm has extensive experience advising public entities in a wide range of areas, including employment law, and law enforcement issues.
School Districts

We represent the board of education of several school districts and formerly represented a community college.  Our representation has included extensive involvement in personnel matters, school bond issues, facilities construction and general school law matters.
Other Government and Community Agencies

We provide advice and representation for a variety of organizations, groups and agencies at the local, area and state levels.  All of our attorneys have served in leadership positions and on the boards of directors of community, economic development and professional organizations.

Family Law

Our firm provides an expertise in the area of Family Law, including Divorce, Child Support, and Custody Issues.
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